Life goals: wood oven-roasted turkey

We have a turkey recipe we do every other Thanksgiving – when we’re with my side of the family.  It’s a Martha Stewart recipe, pretty simple really: rub the bird down with salt and crushed bay leaf a day or two before, let it sit in the fridge, then baste it with white wine, butter and more bay leaf.  It gets consistent raves and we’re proud of it.  One day I’d like to do it in a wood-burning oven – or, better yet, a biomass-burning oven.

So, to feed my fantasies, I did a bit of searching, and I found some articles.  I’m putting them here for my benefit as well as yours.

Thanksgiving Turkey recipe from Mugnaini wood fired ovens.  These are gorgeous Italian ovens and the site is a joy to look at.  I’m not sure how well these would take alternative solid fuels other than wood, but it looks like they make efficient use of the wood.

Turkey the old-fashioned way by Linda Gabris in Backwoods Home Magazine, which I need to read more.  (What did people do in the old days before aluminum foil?)

Here’s a Traditional Turkey recipe from Traeger Grills.  I really want to learn more about these grills: the idea of using wood pellets for a barbecue grill is nifty.  They make their pellets out of selected hardwoods for the smoke flavor, but it seems to me this also holds great potential for fuel efficient, maybe carbon neutral roasting and baking.

Speaking of efficient use of minimal fuel: last, but not least, here’s a video of someone roasting a turkey in a Cobb Grill:


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